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Women can be jerks too

Tia:Women are always complaining that it's hard to find a decent guy to love and be in a relationship with. They always complain how men are such scum bags and ungrateful cheaters who don't know a good thing when it crosses their ways. Well this is not the case with all women,some are actually blessed with good men who will do anything for their sake. And how do these women thank their lucky stars for finding such guys? By cheating on them, by treating them like they are nothing. It's sad but its true, women are not always the ones to be walked all over, some men go through the same thing. We can not label a whole gender by calling them cheaters and liars, because it's not about what type of hormones rule your body, its more about your personality, morality and principles.

Samyah: That's so true... I really hate those women! lol. We all wish for a good guy and one of us gets one then she ends up hurting the guy and ruining his perspective on relationships, love and women in general. I know some really amazing guys and sadly most of them have been mistreated by their girlfriends. Its funny how the world works; seems like no matter which gender the good ones are the ones who get hurt.
However I do think that women get their hearts stomped on more than men do. As a majority that is..
But for any guy who's ever gotten hurt by a woman, I would tell him not to loose faith because there's always something better waiting for us in the future.
Noora: Sadly it is true. There are women out there who can be as cold hearted as some men are. Like Sam said, they would be one of the few lucky women out there to find a decent guy who offers her all his love and care, yet she uses this to her own good and starts treating him like she 'owns' him.Not all women are great, and not all men are bad either, both are human beings, capable of hurting others, or being hurt by someone. At the end of the day, someone gets hurt, while the other seems to lack the least bit of remorse for making someone go through all this shit!

Stalkers & Harassment

Samyah: Have you ever been driving and a guy or a bunch of guys started to follow you? They kept to your tail until you went through all the little allies just to get rid of them? Or have you ever been walking with (or without) your sisters/girlfriends and some guys followed you too on foot? Sometimes even just being in CityCenter can put you in a similar situation. I know I've been there and there were times where it not only creeped me out but had me really really scared.
So what do you do in that sort of situation? Most of us have been taught that ignoring they guy will eventually get rid of him, and often it does work. But sometimes it doesnt, and sometimes its not just one guy following you.
I don't know why guys do these things; I suppose it makes them feel superior knowing that they are able to put you in a position of helplesness, but its a disgusting thing to do.
I remember when Dubai's newspapers used to publish the names and photos of perpetrators to humiliate them and I thought that was great, those guys deserved it. The papers have stopped doing it though, and they've started Al-Ameen; a phoneline that anyone can call if they're in a bad situation which also seems to be helping women.
Just a piece of advice to any girl who's being followed on foot; stay away from him/them. Get as fast as you can to people nearby and start screaming to attract attention. That usually frightens the stalkers away.

Tia: hmmmm I remember once i was on my way from work and this guy ( a teenage, I guess 16 or 17!) followed me all the way to my house. Not sure what he accomplished by following me, but it was a nice story to tell lol! However, I never got into a situation where I was stalked, and I would want to be one. Its amazing though how some girls find it entertaining to be followed, I guess it gives their self esteem a boost, knowing that they can attract guys. I can tell you numerous incidents of girls giggling happily while a bunch of guys are following them. There are some girls who will welcome it, and others won't and I guess the guys just can't differentiate between the two. That does not mean i agree with such attitude, women should be able to go out without being harassed. And there should be severe punshiment for those who give themselves the right to stalk girls.

Noors: Urgh, I hate it, and I think it's absolutely low and disgusting for a mature guy to do these kind of things. I just want to understand what they get by harassing girls and walking around them? What? Is it self satisfaction? And if so, then for what? For the fun of it? Well, what's so fun in scaring someone?

I've been through this situation, even in college, and all girls know that it's just a headache which you seriously don't need. You're on your own, why can't guys just respect you and leave you alone for God's sake?

I never was able to understand this, and I probably won't. I just want to hear a guys opinion, and I want a guy to stand up and answer my question, whyyyyy?

Fashion Rules

1- Shoes and handbag should match in color; I could never go out with black shoes carrying a brown handbag.

2- I never buy handbags with prints of letters of the brand name; all those DKNY and CD are a big NO for me.

3- clothes that has the brand name written across for the world to read, are not for me.

4- When going to wedding my purse/handbag and shoes has to be the same color as my dress. They say that black goes with everything, but they never managed to convince me.

5- I don't have restrictions when it comes it colors, I could wear anything as long it's the right shade for my coloring.


1- Never ever EVER wear white shoes. Unless they're off white or beige, but never pure white (this is also one of my biggest pet peeves).

2- Personally, I can't wear something thats completely off white cause I end up looking ill with my skin already being that color. I also can't wear pale colored scarves for the same reason.

3- I am a woman who likes my denim wore right, some jean rules:
- Never wear sevens (big on top tight on bottom)
- Should only be slightly tighter around the knee area, bell bottoms are so over.
- Writing on the butt of a jean looks whore-like (can i use that word here? lol).
- Never buy droopy, cheap jeans.Jeans were meant to be well-made, you end up wearing them the most anyway. Go expensive, but not too much.

4- I don't really have that many rules.. just never to overdo your look; too much makeup is for clowns not women. And showing too much of your body isn't really flattering, it just makes you look cheap. One more thing.. keeping up with fashion is cool, but make sure it suits you first.. then wear it ;)

Noors Just like any other girl, I can't leave the house unless I know I look good.

1- I don't care abour brand names, I usually go for casual stuff such as Next, mango, DKNY, coach, and the likes, but at the same time, it never means that I can't dream of buying a gucci handbag one day, when I can afford it. For something like that, I would save enough money and buy it on my own.

2- I like to be update when it comes to fashion. Not that I'd wear anything, but I like to see what's new, and choose what suits me. Lucky for me, I have my dad who has a good taste in clothes, so is my mom, but my dad is always away for work, so I get to get something new all the time lol.

3- I don't have any specific rules. Important thing to me is, it looks good on me, doesn't make me look fat, matching colours, and sophisticated. I like looking elegant no matter what I wear or where I go, I want to look good even if I'm just wearing jeans and a top. Well, not always, but hey it boosts up your energy when you have a stressful day ahead of you!

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